Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Delights of Romance

My most treasured serenity when I am contrite
And I am awe-struck with her every delight
Amazed at this sculpture, fleshly and sweet
My madness in pleasure, my crimson retreat

Whispers and words of love and romance
and I am lost in this most delicious trance
Things from which I once foolishly cowered
and to which I now smile as I am wholly devoured

She is my goddess, my fetish and addiction
My savior and blessing, my damning affliction
And in her absence I am, but a traveler lost
in dark desperation and in clinging frost

I rush to her call like some loyal dog
blinded by this deep blinding bright fog
of romance and bliss all collected inside
and still I shall answer her and answer with pride

For in my arms she will be, and her heart too
And that relentless emptiness can no longer pursue
For her reach is deep and touches far within
with a voice of divinity and a tone of sweet sin

Copyright © 2013
Narayan Liu

Friday, August 2, 2013


How distant we are and yet close we've become
Where have you been, where did you come from?
My darling angel of strawberry sweetness
Who rose from the unending grasp of meekness

Let me love you and hold you and be your escape
and I'll kiss your cheek and your neck and the nape
Give me your voice and your beautiful face
what makes my heart wonder and my very mind race

The night is a wonder so we will explore
let me know you, I want to know more
Starry nights and bitter days buried in our fire
and our woes and our worries all lost in desire

Be my rose and my rising, my life and my passion
Worry not for the costs of each moment's ration
We'll spend an eternity never saying farewell
I'll thrive in your heaven and you'll ravish my hell

This I promise, when in the daylight of our eyes
In the bustle of business under the grayest of skies
I will kiss you and spark a deep love for the sun
and you'll hold close to me, you need no longer run

Copyright © 2013 
Narayan Liu

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Name so Sweet

A ray of sunshine to drive me mad
Wild with love and laughter
The sting of serenity in what we have
and the purity of what happens after

But yours, a name upon my lips
A saccharine taste like honey
and how its sets my mind alight
like my days with you so sunny

A name like ecstasy running sweet
a sound like a chime in the night
and  it shall grant me a moment's peace
though for now you remain out of sight

A hope, the world shifts for our love
as I whisper your name to the air
Winds and earth so gentle and warm
bring be toward my dear angel so fair

Copyright © 2013
Narayan Liu

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Happened

What happened to him, what was his fate?
He who wrought his world with hate

Some burdened monster howling for blood
a spirited leviathan in the depths of black mud
The yearning to pour anger through his hands
and destroy every blooming joy that stands

What happened to him, who was this man?
Who once acted out nightmares to further his plan

Was care enough to burn his flesh whole?
Could the taint of its touch truly turn his soul?
How did his hate simply fizzle and fade?
What was the ending to this game he played?

So what happened to him? When did he die?
And at the hands of a delicately loving lie?

I can still feel his voice thundering loud
lost in the pulchritude of this peaceful shroud
So I am letting him lose and die within me
and never has a death made me feel more free

And I want to cry and feel pain and feel
but its not mine anymore, its just not real
and I want to lie and nurture rage and say
but that's not what I need, its just not the way

So what happened to me? When did I live?
When I heard her speak and let me forgive

And this dream plays out as if life were kind
Though here I stumbled so fearful and blind
And this happiness lives as though life were a gift
So this happiness lives and through its chill, I drift

So what happened to you? When did you smile?
When we began talking, when we talked a while?

Copyright © 2013

Narayan Liu

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Some Ugliness

I cannot rip from my flesh this parasite demonic
and it grows in the instance I try something moronic
like trying to heal or aspiring to anything better
It returns to me scorched like some unwanted letter

I tear away at these eyes, these cheeks and these lips
scraping every last piece with my bloodied fingertips
And dressed prettily in dangling flesh underneath
Is another face unknown grinning with razor teeth

New faces in the mirror every time that I blink
coiled with a knowledge that makes my heart sink
and I look through thoughts, or to God for a sign
I've worn these  faces so long, I can't remember mine

I truly need you here and I will beg you to stay
you don't need to listen, there is nothing to say
I will ask you not for your touch, smile or kiss
But please take me with you, away from all this

Don't leave me in this mess, this mess that I built
This nightmare of anguish and unending guilt
This ugliness I have bequeathed unto you
I was trying to escape, I didn't know what to do

Copyright © 2013

Narayan Liu

The Month of June

The last day of June. Perhaps the very heart of this three-hundred and sixty-five day cycle.

I began this year so strangely. At a bar with colleagues and friends, tending to two very lovely young women and all of us drunk throughout the countdown, celebrating in our own way, with vodka-induced grins. Nothing happened that night, I walked away, wanting to be alone. In my solitude I was happy enough, forgetting everything and everyone that reminded me of the year before.

Despite it being merely another night or day, despite the entire concept of a new year being what it is, namely, a renewal of everyone's calendar, it felt rather cleansing somehow. With everyone celebrating the way they do, counting down and jumping up and down with a monumental happiness, it does indeed feel as though something great has come to an end, and something new is beginning. 

Months pass and here I am. For the first time in my life, a great distance away from where I grew up. I've met a few good people and I've left some old ones behind. Only six months and so much has changed quite quickly. People all over, those I grew up with, seem to be moving toward some higher purpose. All of them learning and striving toward something great. And here I am. Burying old dreams and finding new ones. Carefully plotting my route through time. For what purpose, I do not know, but I feel the need to do it all the same. I have done things I never had a chance to do before, felt and seen such wonderful, unearthly and yet all-natural things. Whether or not I am a better man for it remains to be seen but, I know that I am at least alive.

As this summer passes over, I can grow more and look forward to not knowing what awaits me. It is exciting and daunting to think that in the six months that are left of this year, anything can happen.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Ode to Drunkards

Pour it and slam it tightly shut, laughing as you do
shake it all and rattle the tin
A concoction pungent and undoubtedly new
a cocktail of juices and gin

A potion for mischief, a flagon of magic
An escape from safe formality
A catalyst for drama, funny and tragic
removing the masks of duality

They shall be hilarious, they shall be uncouth
as they guzzle each tall glass and shot
Drinks of vodka with some amount of vermouth
They will drink and they'll drink a lot

They will cringe, chuckle, and then they will fall
They'll get up and laugh at each other
They'll rush to the bathroom and expel it all
and return to yell "Bartender...Another!"

Copyright © 2013
Narayan Liu