Friday, June 28, 2013

Behind a Pen

How else would I battle the agony?
Strangle the tempest inside of me
Pieces of parchment to mark my ire
Allowed me to awaken, free to respire

Each word was a jewel in a sordid collection
I fed them to you like some savory confection
I could never love them, they are but an illness
The waste of the static, the plight of stillness

Each sound a requiem for a moment of faith
Each fading song, like the groans of a wraith
Each pause a struggle, through bitter hope
It only grows stronger with each heartfelt trope

I had hoped I'd be a so different a man
One of bold kindness, not the one who ran
from each chance to smile in a sweet respite
But here I am, who I am, and so I must write

Copyright © 2013
Narayan Liu