Saturday, June 29, 2013

So Shall I Call

You there who runs from the people who stare
You there in the solace of unbridled despair
You there, a tyrant within your own mind
You there, a slave crushed through the grind

I, a disciple of martyrdom needed
I, who fell to the words I heeded
I, the embittered swan in the sky
I, whose veins run rancid and dry

Then I am for you, God's guiding hand 
Then I am for you, the light of the land
Then I am for you, the air 'neath you wings
Then I am for you, the life that life brings

Then shall we crumble like twigs in a fire
Then shall we burn like a corpse on a pyre
Then shall we not know what it was all for
Then shall we lay dying, and ask for no more

Copyright © 2013
Narayan Liu