Sunday, June 30, 2013

Some Ugliness

I cannot rip from my flesh this parasite demonic
and it grows in the instance I try something moronic
like trying to heal or aspiring to anything better
It returns to me scorched like some unwanted letter

I tear away at these eyes, these cheeks and these lips
scraping every last piece with my bloodied fingertips
And dressed prettily in dangling flesh underneath
Is another face unknown grinning with razor teeth

New faces in the mirror every time that I blink
coiled with a knowledge that makes my heart sink
and I look through thoughts, or to God for a sign
I've worn these  faces so long, I can't remember mine

I truly need you here and I will beg you to stay
you don't need to listen, there is nothing to say
I will ask you not for your touch, smile or kiss
But please take me with you, away from all this

Don't leave me in this mess, this mess that I built
This nightmare of anguish and unending guilt
This ugliness I have bequeathed unto you
I was trying to escape, I didn't know what to do

Copyright © 2013

Narayan Liu