Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Month of June

The last day of June. Perhaps the very heart of this three-hundred and sixty-five day cycle.

I began this year so strangely. At a bar with colleagues and friends, tending to two very lovely young women and all of us drunk throughout the countdown, celebrating in our own way, with vodka-induced grins. Nothing happened that night, I walked away, wanting to be alone. In my solitude I was happy enough, forgetting everything and everyone that reminded me of the year before.

Despite it being merely another night or day, despite the entire concept of a new year being what it is, namely, a renewal of everyone's calendar, it felt rather cleansing somehow. With everyone celebrating the way they do, counting down and jumping up and down with a monumental happiness, it does indeed feel as though something great has come to an end, and something new is beginning. 

Months pass and here I am. For the first time in my life, a great distance away from where I grew up. I've met a few good people and I've left some old ones behind. Only six months and so much has changed quite quickly. People all over, those I grew up with, seem to be moving toward some higher purpose. All of them learning and striving toward something great. And here I am. Burying old dreams and finding new ones. Carefully plotting my route through time. For what purpose, I do not know, but I feel the need to do it all the same. I have done things I never had a chance to do before, felt and seen such wonderful, unearthly and yet all-natural things. Whether or not I am a better man for it remains to be seen but, I know that I am at least alive.

As this summer passes over, I can grow more and look forward to not knowing what awaits me. It is exciting and daunting to think that in the six months that are left of this year, anything can happen.