Friday, June 28, 2013

The Radio

I enjoyed listening to the radio whenever I got the chance in Hong Kong. Although, It was usually only during a certain time in the night when the stations weren't so focused on pop music and their hosts weren't so loud because, there is a special kind of tranquility to be had when you turn on the radio and nothing but classical music or smooth jazz begins to cascade from those speakers.

There is a slight difference here, where I live in Sweden. Sm√•land radio does not offer quite as much variety. When I first arrived here and I first listened turned on the radio, it is almost exclusively pop music. They were all good songs, very upbeat and sometimes you could hear meaningful lyrics so, while I too enjoy those songs, I can only take so much of the same fifteen tracks being played for twenty-four hours straight. Of course they will throw in a new song...occasionally, but I can always trust that Some Nights by F.U.N will play at some point during my lunch, during dinner and about ten times in between. Almost always followed by Euphoria by Loreen. 

But of course, you cannot expect so much from a small radio station and the songs they play are still quite good to listen to, as long as you do not keep the radio on all day. It's still a hundred times more enjoyable than being constantly bombarded by Gangnam Style by Psy everywhere you turn in Hong Kong. I find I am not entirely free from that particular trend, they have played it once here as well. It was the first time I found myself cringing because of the radio. 

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to? What kind of music do you hate?