Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Delights of Romance

My most treasured serenity when I am contrite
And I am awe-struck with her every delight
Amazed at this sculpture, fleshly and sweet
My madness in pleasure, my crimson retreat

Whispers and words of love and romance
and I am lost in this most delicious trance
Things from which I once foolishly cowered
and to which I now smile as I am wholly devoured

She is my goddess, my fetish and addiction
My savior and blessing, my damning affliction
And in her absence I am, but a traveler lost
in dark desperation and in clinging frost

I rush to her call like some loyal dog
blinded by this deep blinding bright fog
of romance and bliss all collected inside
and still I shall answer her and answer with pride

For in my arms she will be, and her heart too
And that relentless emptiness can no longer pursue
For her reach is deep and touches far within
with a voice of divinity and a tone of sweet sin

Copyright © 2013
Narayan Liu